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How to install Linux Kali 2016.1 into Parallels and install Parallels tools.

By McDonald, T | Last up dated 30/05/17 You will learn how to: Install Kali Linux onto Parallels. Install Parallels tools Trouble shooting Note : this will also work for 2016.2 and higher.  Make sure you have updated Parallels to the latest version. Parallels, another virtual machine, can run guest O/S on a host machine.  You will need to install Parallels first before continuing.  If you wish to install Kali onto Parallels, please read on.  After installation you will learn how to install parallels tools, which will allow for more interesting features such as auto adjust for your screen resolution. Before installing any new applications, a hardware survey will need to be carried out.  Subsequently, the applications website will have the minimum specifications listed. Kali Linux minimum specifications Kali Linux website  Install Kali Linux 2016.1 Installing Parallels tools Once you have installed Kali Linux 2.0, you we need to install Parallels