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Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

By McDonald. T |  July 29th 2018 If you are thinking of learning how to code, the number of different types of programming languages can be a little daunting.  Putting it another way, there are languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C++ and many more, so where do you start?  Almost every day I hear someone asks the question, 'Which is the best coding language to learn first?'  This is not a straightforward question to answer because it depends on what you wish to achieve.  In other words, different purposes call for different languages.  Subsequently, it is not enough just to learn how to code; a programmer needs to know what language to use and for what purpose.  To learn about programming languages start with a visual language to understand the basics of algorithms then look at HTML and CSS to get started with web technologies. Start with a visual language to learn the basics of algorithms.  By a visual language, I mean a language where the programmer uses visu

Why Computer Science Is Good For Mental Health

By McDonald. T |  July 23th 2018   A.I. is not a discipline in its own right; however, it does fall under a subset of psychology called cognitive sciences and computer science.  Although cognitive science does not include therapy, it is still a good idea to have some understanding of mental health and if any parts of the mental health system can be automated.  For your interest, cognitive science includes anthropology, neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics.  Ultimately, computer science can provide advanced technology to improve mental health services: automating tests; supporting people in the home and understanding the way a person solves a problem. Advanced technology provided by computer science can improve automated testing of mental health. Surveys are a good way of extracting information from people and computers do surveys really well. Furthermore, in computer science there is a subset called data science, which uses scientific methods to extract knowledge from data

How to play spectrum games on a Mac, Windows or even GNU/Linux.

By McDonald. T |  July 14th 2018   The 80s was a great time for gaming. For a while, gamers had been able to alleviate the boredom with dedicated gaming devices such as Asteroid and Donkey Kong. However, things really got going when gaming consoles like Atari 2600 hit the market. Even so, nothing compared to the new home computers like Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k. These computers not only had tons of games, but also you could program your own software including games.  Sign up to my blog for more fun stuff! The gaming consoles had the advantage of instant loading from a cartridge while the home computers needed to load games from a tape in a tape recorder, which was not always successful. This could take 5 minutes or more and the sound level had to be just right or the game would fail to load. Despite the loading issues, the home computer won out and steadily advanced into the powerful machines we have today. Now that we have our wonder rigs, some of u