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Don't stand so close to me please!

Right from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen many countries introducing social distancing measures and the UK, naturally, followed suit not long after. Ever since then, complaints from people saying some are not sticking to the rules have been numerous. In response, the supermarkets have limited the number of people in the shops and have asked people to respect the two-meter exclusion zone around others in the shop; however, not everyone is doing this. Consequently, the lack of cooperation from some members of the public has caused some others to feel anxious. Now there is a desire to speak out at people at the time of the indiscretion, but this is not a good idea. Speaking out at people that violate your two-meter personal space exposes them to risk of infection, it exposes you to risk of infection and may expose others to the same risk. Speaking out at people at the time of the indiscretion is not a good idea because it may put that person at risk from infe

Death’s Door - Me And The Virus

By McDonald, T.   |  Date 24th of March 2020   At the start of 2020 I was really ill with possibly the coronavirus COVID-19 in the UK.  I don’t know how I got it or who I got it from, but I did hear people saying why they think it happened.  One theory is that it jumped from animal to human in a Chinese wet market, a place where wild animals are slaughtered for food and spread from person to person via close contact.  Although the wet market theory is the most popular, some people are saying the virus is from God and that it is going to draw us altogether. Whatever you believe, this is what it was like. The symptoms came in two phases. Phase One Nasty dry cough that progressed to a phlegmy cough after about 11-12 days. Headache. This lasted for about 2-3 days and was easily dealt with using throat spray to numb the throat, which stopped the coughing and paracetamol, which eased the headache. Phase Two Nasty dry cough that had been persistent for 9-11 days before

What Is Mental Health And Who Is In Control Of It?

By McDonald, T . | Date 3rd of October 2018 Mental health is a phrase banded about by more and more people.  Mental health encompasses a wide range of disorders listed in the international classification of disorders (ICD 10) and in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM 5) Recently I was asked on social media by Wendy Dignan , ‘How do I maintain a balanced mental health ?’  This is a perplexing question since it is firstly difficult to explain what mental health is and secondly why should we assume that mental health is something that has a balance and is solely in our control ?   What is Mental Health? Firstly, how can mental health be described ; what is mental health?  Is it something to do with the way a person feels or is it more to do with how a person copes under stress?  If it is to do with how a person feels, surely it is easy to heal people and if it is to do with stress then why do some of the most successful people with no stress su

How to sleep well every night

By McDonald. T |  September 24th 2018 We spend about a third of our life asleep.  For anyone working with computers, sleeping can become a problem due to the light from the screen and from the stimulation of cracking technical problems.  If we have a bad night sleep, it can ruin our day and make us feel unhappy.  Sleep is a place of rejuvenation and for dreaming: it is a time to relax and regenerate.  We place a lot of importance on sleeping and rightly so since if it is interrupted night after night it will turn our life upside down.  If you have trouble sleeping at night consider these factors: temperature of the room, activity in the room and breathing. Temperature of the room If you have trouble sleeping at night, consider the temperature of the room as a factor.  Our core body temperature needs to drop a couple of degrees before we can nod off into the land of blissful sleep. So open a window in the bedroom a few hours before you go to bed to cool the temperature i

Why Dreaming Electric Sheep Need Maslow to succeed

By McDonald, T . | Date 13th of December 2017 When a human wakes up in the morning, the next thing to happen depends on the needs of that human.  For instance, if hungry, putting on a dressing gown and heading to the fridge is the most likely thing to happen. If the bladder is full, a trip to the toilet will occur before raiding the fridge. Furthermore, most people can perform these tasks independently, but what if the subject is a robot? Writers have written about autonomous robots and androids with super intelligence for decades. With that in mind, how would an autonomous robot achieve true autonomy? Before understanding an autonomous robot's needs, developers must first consider humans needs and second understand the meaning of an autonomous robot then apply human needs to the autonomous robot. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs First, before understanding the needs of autonomous robots, developers must first consider human needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a g