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Build A Test Website In 3 Easy Steps

 By McDonald. T | Updated November 28th 2018 Building a website may seem daunting if you are new to web design. The truth is, however, that building your own test website is so easy it will embarrass you! You just need the correct tools to do the job. Brackets and xampp can be used on Mac, Windows or Linux, but in this blog I will focus on Mac. What is a test website? A test site is a site that you can create without the need for a server or a web host. You can create the test site all on your own computer and play around with it until you are happy with it. This is a really good way to learn HTML5 and PHP in a safe environment. 1)  Install Brackets  Brackets is an editor that will allow you to code and test files. Brackets is simple to use and has a nifty little feature, called live view, that allows you to view the code in a web browser as it would look as a webpage. In other words, it translates the code into a webpage. Brackets is free and open source softwa