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Databases: SQL and NoSQL

ByMcDonald, T.| Date 20th of November 2020What is a database? A database can be anything that stores collection of information and is often abbreviated to DB. A relational database stores information that is related in some way. For example, a shopping list is a relational database since it is a list of related information.

Other examples include:
Phone book. List of twitter users. Your families favourite foods. Now you have an idea of what a database is we can talk about where to store it. In the examples above, the phone book is a list of numbers and related information that can be stored in a book. The shopping list is stored on paper. We can also store these databases on a computer. Notably, the computer can be in your office or be a dedicated computer in a server room or even stored in a virtual machine in the cloud, which uses dedicated computers. Keeping it simple for now we can just think of a computer hosting the database. Now we have a place to store the database, …

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