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Coder's Mushroom Casserole

As a coder, sitting at a desk all day solving problems is fun and exciting. However, the lack of exercise can take its toll on our health. As a result, many coders exercise after work or on days off, but it is not enough to keep in good condition. For this reason, a little extra is required. This surprising tasty dish is low in fat and is a great meat free option that is best if the mushrooms are kept in big chunks. This casserole is not only a healthier option it also reduces the suffering in the world by not contributing to the slaughter of animals. So, if you are game for a veggie option give this delicious recipe a try.

This dish is suitable for vegans if the butter is swapped out for a vegan alternative or it can be dropped altogether and replaced with olive oil.

By McDonald, T. | Date 15th of December 2018 
Preparation time: Casserole 2 ½ hours including preparation and cooking timeMash ½ hour Serves: I have given the measurements for one person, so multiply by however m…

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