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3 great things to do during in lockdown

By McDonald, T.  |  Date 1st of April 2020

We have been in lockdown in the UK for about 2 weeks. Some people have lost their jobs and many others have their jobs on hold until this is over. Since the UK Government has said this could go on for up to two years, I feel it would be a good idea to share interesting things to do to pass the time.
1.  Education sitesUse the extra time you have on your hands to improve your knowledge of any subject that you like. There are many sites that offer free education. Here are a few:
The Open University’s OpenLearnThis is a great university and has many free short courses that can help you improve your knowledge in many different subjects.  Khan academy This is something special because it covers so much and is lots of fun to use and is great for all ages. I recommend the Maths and computing sections, but you will be able to find loads more including Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
BBC Bitesize This site is great for all ages too and follows the…

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