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How I Gave Up Smoking.

Giving up smoking is a top priority for many people and will make it to many a new year’s resolution list, but how many are really serious? It is true that a person will not give up smoking until they are ready; someone must really want it to happen. I gave up smoking because of a growing list of logical reasons and it took a lot of effort but in the end I did it. Why I gave up and how I did it. 

By McDonald, T. | Date 15th of December 2018
Why I decided to give up smoking. Everyone must agree that smoking is an expensive habit. When I gave up, cigarettes were around £4 for a packet of twenty and about the same for 50g of tobacco. My habit was costing me around £30 to £40 a week, so I moved to rolling tobacco. At the time, I also thought that moving to rolling tobacco would help reduce my intake as well as the cost.

Furthermore, I knew that smoking was killing me and making it difficult to achieve real success in health goals like running, so this added to the desire to stop, b…

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