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How To Add A Jump Link To Your Blog

By     McDonald, T.    | Updated 30th of June 2022 While surfing the internet, you may have noticed that some sites have an index that lets you jump to different parts of the same webpage and thought 'That is cool!'  Well, this is how you do it.  I have used blogger to demonstrate how it is done, but the process will be very similar for most blogs. What is a jump link A jump link is a link that lets the user jump to certain pats of the same webpage they are viewing. How to add the code You will need to add a simple piece of code. Make sure you add it just before the code you want it to jump to.  Note, the anchortext should have no spaces and anchortext can be anything you like.  For instance, you can replace anchortext with intro or con. The code is encapsulated in a span tag.  See below. <span id="anchortext"></span>   For example, if you want to jump to a header on the same page, you put the above code just before the <h1> tag in the HTML. Select

How To Connect An XBOX ONE Controller To A Mac

By   McDonald, T.    | Date 30th of May 2020 This is much simpler these days than ever before. All you need is your controller, your mac and an app from the app store that is free. Go to the app store Search for Game Controller Tester Download the app Open the Bluetooth app on your Mac and make sure the Bluetooth is on. Open the app and turn on your controller. Press the little button on the front of your controller and hold it down, see figure 1. The XBOX button should start flashing. You should now see your controller in the list of Bluetooth devices, see figure 2. You might need to click on connect when you use it again, but it usually connects automatically after the first time. Figure 1, small button in front of controller will find a connection when held down. Figure 2, Bluetooth device list If you want to see what i did, here is the video. Happy gaming! Please like and subscribe.