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Choose a link to a tutorial on programming, algorithms, data structures, maths or Macs. 

Programming in Python
  • How to get started in Python programming Blog. This will get you started; however, it would be a good idea to work through the playlists on my YouTube channel then come back here to find out more about computer science.
  • Python 3: A Beginners Guide  - Playlist.  Videos includes how to install pycharm (IDE), python (programming language) and pyScripter (IDE). Although you will only need one, I have included two IDE's so you have a choice.
Programming in Java OOP
General computing

Coding the web

There is more to coding a website than you might think.  However, if you break it down into smaller parts it becomes a lot easier.  You will need HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript knowledge.  You will also need a good knowledge of servers and internet protocols. 
Sorting and Searching algorithms 

In computer science, sorting and searching data is all important.  Using the right algorithm can mean the difference between a fast, elegant solution and something that is to slow.  Correctness is not the only thing to watch out for when righting a programme; elegance and efficiency are just as important.  Since in computer science time is not an efficient means to evaluate efficiency of an algorithm, something called Big O is used. 
  • Algorithm playlist  Sorting makes searching easier, so naturally there are many types of algorithms to do this.  This playlist will cover sorting and searching algorithms.

Virtual Machines
Virtual machines allow a user to test or run a different operating system on a host machine.  In other words, if the host machine is a Mac, a virtual Windows or Linux can be run in an application. 




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