Change Dial Centre Label For GPO 706 Phone

Written by McDonald, T. | Date 9th of February 2022

Until 1969, the telecommunications carrier in the United Kingdom was apart of the General Post Office (GPO). Subsequently, the GPO distributed telephones called the 700 series to its subscribers. You have an old GPO phone and want to change label in the centre of the dial but don't know how. First, it does matter which phone you have because the procedure is very different.

To correctly identify your phone, look at the dial: is it like the one in the image above? Bearing in mind some earlier 706 models had metal dials and straight handset cords. If you have a phone that has numbers inside a clear plastic dial it is likely a 746 and has a different procedure. This blog is for the 706.

What you want to do

  • Change the dial centre label.

Your phone specifications

  • GPO 706 Phone.
  • Rotary dial. 

What you will need

  • A flat head screwdriver.

What to do

This is an easy task just insert the screwdriver into the right side of the dial as you look at it and twist.

 Hope you like the blog.  If you have an old 700 series phone, let me now about it.





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