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Don't stand so close to me please!

Right from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen many countries introducing social distancing measures and the UK, naturally, followed suit not long after. Ever since then, complaints from people saying some are not sticking to the rules have been numerous. In response, the supermarkets have limited the number of people in the shops and have asked people to respect the two-meter exclusion zone around others in the shop; however, not everyone is doing this. Consequently, the lack of cooperation from some members of the public has caused some others to feel anxious. Now there is a desire to speak out at people at the time of the indiscretion, but this is not a good idea. Speaking out at people that violate your two-meter personal space exposes them to risk of infection, it exposes you to risk of infection and may expose others to the same risk. Speaking out at people at the time of the indiscretion is not a good idea because it may put that person at risk from infe

Coder's Mushroom Casserole

  By McDonald, T . | Date 15th of December 2018 As a coder, sitting at a desk all day solving problems is fun and exciting. However, the lack of exercise can take its toll on our health. As a result, many coders exercise after work or on days off, but it is not enough to keep in good condition. For this reason, a little extra is required. This surprising tasty dish is low in fat and is a great meat free option that is best if the mushrooms are kept in big chunks. This casserole is not only a healthier option it also reduces the suffering in the world by not contributing to the slaughter of animals. So, if you are game for a veggie option give this delicious recipe a try. This dish is suitable for vegans if the butter is swapped out for a vegan alternative or it can be dropped altogether and replaced with olive oil. Preparation time: Casserole 2 ½ hours including preparation and cooking time Mash ½ hour Serves: I have given the measurements for one person, so mul