I find volunteering can be very satisfying.  I like to write about why i volunteer and why i think it is useful for others to volunteer, so if you are considering volunteering, take a look at the posts i have below. 

Our career is one of the most important life decisions we will ever make; subsequently, i like to talk about this a lot.  If you are still uncertain about what to do with your life or you want to know what i do with mine, take a look at the post below. 
Mental Health and the Hacker

Mental health is something that we all possess and computing and IT students are no different.  It is a well known fact that long periods of time in solitude can wreak havoc with someone's mental health.
General Health
Health is an important thing for a coder to think about.  Spending most of the time reading, problem solving and coding is not physical active, so keeping healthy needs extra care. 


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