How to find the best WI-FI for MacOS X Catalina

If you have any of the following problems when browsing or trying to watch something via the internet, it could be interference from other Wi-Fi connections from say your neighbour.


  • Wi-Fi dropping out
  • Difficulty watching a live stream
  • Slow internet surfing 
  • slow buffering on video 

Open Wireless Diagnostics

Hold down the option key and click on the Wi-Fi icon in the bar across the top. Now select the ‘Open Wireless Diagnostics’ option. 

Ignore the window that pops up and go straight for the menu bar at the top > window then select scan from the drop-down menu. In the window, you will see a panel with some stats and the best channel for you. Make a note of the channel and close the wireless diagnostics tool.

Open your HomeHub device’s webpage

Open your browser and enter the address of your HomeHub or router (If you don’t know the address you can use the IP address. You find it by opening System Preferences > network then copy the IP address next to router, which will look something like ). Now, paste it into the web browser’s omni bar at the top not in the search bar in the middle.

  1. Select the settings tab from the page that appears.
  2. Enter your password
  3. From the top select wireless
  4. Scroll down to Wireless Channel
  5. Select the channel you noted earlier from the selection menu and click apply

You have now changed your Wi-Fi channel. All that remains is for you to test to see if
the problem is solved. The best channels are usually 1,5 and 11. Remember, you can experiment with different channels. 

Watch the video 

Hope this solves your problem. Either way please leave a comment to let me know if it worked or not.


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