How to install Ubuntu 16.04 into VirtualBox

A virtual machine is an easy way to test out a new operating system; it allows the user to run a guest operating system on a host operating system as if it was any other piece of software.  Furthermore, Virtualbox is free and produced by Oracle.

The o/s in the image above is OS X, El Captain, while the guest o/s is Oracle Solaris; it is two o/s’s running together side by side on the same machine.   Many distributions of Linux are available such as Solaris, Mint, Red hat and Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is the o/s i will be using in this example; however, the installation process is very similar for all the Linux distributions and flavours.

It is always necessary to perform a hardware survey before installing any new applications to check if you device is able to run the application.

First download and install Virtualbox.

Before downloading, do a hardware survey to check you have the necessary hardware to run the operating system.  Ubuntu is a linux distribution produced by Canonical.

Next download the newest release of Ubuntu or other linux O/S of your choice.  It is advisable to verify the copy you have just downloaded before installing it.

The process of installing any Linux O/S is more or less the same.  However, you may encounter some differences.

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