How to perform a hardware survey.

For Mac users:

Select the apple icon on the left of the toolbar at the top of the screen then select ‘About this Mac’

Look for Processor and Memory

To find out if your Mac is 64bit or 32bit

Open terminal and type in the command uname -m .
x86_64 means 64bit
i360 means 32bit

This machine has a 64bit processor.

To find available space on the hard drive

Hold down Shift+cmd+C then select the hard drive and press space

The first number is the total capacity while the second number is amount of space free to use

For Windows users:

Processor, memory and O/S type (64 or 32bit)

Hold down ALT+Space.  Alternatively, type ‘system’ into the search bar then click on system control panel.

Checking the hard drive for available space

Go to the search bar and type ‘This PC’ then click on ’This PC’.  Then look for Win desk

For Ubuntu users

Processor, O/S type and memory

Goto the cog on the right of the toolbar

Click on About

Find how much space is available on the hard disc

Type ’System monitor into the search app (dash)

Click on system monitor

Hope this helped :-)


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